Giving up the Ghost

This is the first blog I have written as myself. Until now I have been content with the role of ghost writer, leaving my client to deal with the consequences of my craft. No bouquets would be thrown at my feet, but neither would trolls be filling my comment boxes with their bile and vitriol. It was a safe place to be.

Now, however, with a three-ebook deal for my fantasy series, The Elwardain Chronicles, signed and sealed with Musa Publishing, I have been forced to unmask myself and step into the limelight. For me this is one of the scariest things I have ever done. I shrink from self-promotion as I would from a bare bodkin. I feel like a fledgling actor who is unexpectedly thrust onto the stage, alone, without a character to hide behind or a script to fall back on; conscious only of looking ridiculous and with nothing original to say.

Knowing this, I hope my audience – if there is one – will forgive my tentative ramblings as I embrace this new experience. This is my first time. Please be gentle with me. And having, I hope, whetted your appetite with a fleeting reference to a fantasy trilogy that is waiting in the wings, I shall leave you with the blurb from Book 1 in the series. This is The Exile of Elindel – coming soon to an ereader near you. (Expected release date 28th march, 2014.)

Elgiva, a young elf banished from Elvendom, must seek shelter among the Saxons as her only hope of surviving the coming winter.

Godwin, a Briton enslaved by the Saxons, is a man ignorant of his own inheritance and the secret of power he possesses.

A mysterious enemy, who will stop at nothing to wield absolute power over Elvendom, is about to make his move.

When destiny throws Elgiva and Godwin together, they embark upon the quest for the legendary Lorestone, the only thing that can save Elvendom from the evil that threatens to destroy it.

There is help to be found along the way from a petulant pony and a timid elf boy but, as the strength of their adversary grows, can Elgiva’s friends help her to find the Lorestone before it falls into the wrong hands?


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6 responses to “Giving up the Ghost

  1. Nina

    Well done Carol and good luck with the ebook.

  2. Very lovely, Carol! So proud of you, and so many blessings to you on your new venture! 🙂

  3. Hope this is your first blog of many Carol, well done, and good luck!

  4. About time you came out of the shadows!

  5. This is the first clue I’ve had as to what your books are about. Looking forward to the release.

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