‘My Writing Process’ Blog Tour

Hello, everyone. It’s my turn to participate in the My Writing Process Blog Tour, and my thanks go to that talented wordsmith, Jane Dougherty, for inviting me. If you would like to find out more about Jane and her work, why not visit her blog at http://janedougherty.wordpress.com/.

What am I currently working on?

Foolishly, perhaps, I seem to have four books on the back burner, although they exist only as notes, scribblings and ideas at present while they wait for me to flesh out their bare bones. Of these four, the one nearest the finishing post is probably book 4 of my fantasy series The Elwardain Chronicles. I find myself adding bits and pieces to the structure of this book when time allows. Book 1, The Exile of Elindel, was published on 18th April, 2014, by Musa Publishing and is available on Amazon Kindle at Amazon.co.uk (http://tinyurl.com/n8msefk) and Amazon.com (http://tinyurl.com/k79eoh7). Musa Publishing has also accepted books 2 and 3 for publication but there is no release date for these as yet.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My world of elves and magical beings frequently overlaps with the world of sixth-century Anglo-Saxon Britain and, naturally, when two completely dissimilar worlds collide, this creates a great deal of dramatic tension as the characters attempt to reconcile their differences. The historical setting adds something to the stories, I believe, making them more grounded. I also tried to inject plenty of humour into the narrative and put a slightly modern slant on things, making the characters talk more like we do now than is perhaps usual in many works of sword-and-sorcery fantasy. Although we might imagine Dark Age people talking in an archaic manner, in their own minds they would see themselves as modern people speaking a modern language. I also decided to include some ‘green’ issues in the stories as these are subjects close to my heart, and so I made my elves vegetarian beings with a deep love for animals and Nature.

Why do I write what I do?

I have had the writing bug since I was a small child but I always write from inspiration. Ideas pop into my head and stick there and they refuse to be ignored. However, I didn’t choose the fantasy genre; it chose me. That’s probably a topic for another blog!

How does my writing process work?

Having to earn a living takes up a large chunk of my time at the moment, unfortunately. Apart from the web content and blogs I write for a local business, I get very little time for creative writing. I think the last time I had the luxury of sitting down to write for an extended period was a couple of months ago when I wrote a short story. I’ve since realised there’s far too much potential in this little tale and it deserves more than a couple of thousand words. One day I will revisit it and turn it into a novel.

Well, thanks for stopping by, gentle readers. Let me now introduce you to the next two nominees who will take this blog tour forward on its magical way. Do yourselves a favour and check out their blogs. You’ll be glad you did.

They are Clarissa Johalhttp://clarissajohal.blogspot.com/
and Mystic Thompsonhttp://mysticthompson.weebly.com


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5 responses to “‘My Writing Process’ Blog Tour

  1. clarissajohal

    Thank you for the tag! My post will go up next week. Love your elves 🙂

  2. The problem of deciding how characters should speak is a knotty one. There is no bigger turn-off for me in a fantasy novel when characters speak in a phony olde worlde style, or equally irritating, when your chainmail-clad hero talks like an east coast sophomore student.

  3. Thanks for the nomination Carol! My blog will be up soon!

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