The War Against Terra

Somehow while our backs were turned they did it.
They hollowed out the land, cut down the trees.
They filled the Earth with rubbish and they sprayed it
With poisons that put paid to all the bees.

While we weren’t looking, plastic choked the oceans,
Now dead from oil and radiation leaks.
Vast tracts of fertile land were turned to desert
And natural plants replaced with GM freaks.

We took the media’s lies and made them truths,
Refused to see the elephant in the room,
And so this planet, lost to greed and profit,
Was geoengineered to her doom.

Did no-one ask the flora and the fauna,
Who also share with us our place of birth,
If it was right to let big corporations
Destroy what is our one and only Earth?

Why weren’t we looking? Why were we so blind?
Like sleepwalkers we ambled through existence.
Content to let mad science run amok,
We always took the path of least resistance.

“Is it too late?” you ask. “What can I do?”
Wise up; ensure that common sense prevails.
Don’t let the media’s lies impair your vision.
Don’t listen to debunkers – those are chemtrails.

Just wake up – then look up and wonder why
There’s no such thing now as a clear, blue sky.

© Carol Browne


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4 responses to “The War Against Terra

  1. Great poem, Carol. I only wish you hadn’t had to write it.

  2. Me, too, Jane. It’s all very depressing.

  3. It needed to be said, and you said it very well. I hope the world wakes up soon…

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