Keep Britain Great

union flagScotland, we’re in a relationship and it’s complicated. It always has been. But please don’t break up with us after all we’ve been through together. Let’s give it another try.

I wasn’t going to comment on this situation but I can’t help myself. I fear for the future of both our nations if we divorce. Together we have more clout both politically and economically. Divided, we’re really small. I’d hate us to end up as bit players on the world stage.

Over the centuries, the English Parliament  has been arrogant and controlling towards you, Scotland. Now it has had a massive wake-up call. It is beginning to realise you have to be an equal partner in this union. This same governing body has also ridden roughshod over the rest of us, and for far too long. Things must change. Stay with us and we can work it out.

I hope my Scottish friends who are voting Yes won’t take umbrage at my support for the No vote. Okay, I’m a Sassenach even though I have Scottish blood, but I love Scotland: her people, culture, geography and history. I want Scotland to remain a member of this unique family we call the United Kingdom. Most English people would agree with me. If ever a relationship was worth saving, it’s this one.

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