New Release: ‘MERM 8’ by Eric J. Juneau

merm-8-200Musa Publishing’s Urania Imprint Releases Merm-8
a Novel About Finding a Fantasy Creature in a Science Fiction World

Musa Publishing’s speculative fiction imprint, Urania, is thrilled to be celebrating the release of Merm-8, Eric J. Juneau’s novel about what happens when a mermaid is found in the future:

“It doesn’t matter if you believe in mermaids. She believes in you.
Gene is a rogue-for-hire, using his one-man ship to make a decent living on the flooded Earth. Most of the population has been driven out to Seaplexes–artificial islands glutted with poverty, commercialism, and organized crime. His AI companion, Stitch, does most of the work of their salvage and smuggling jobs. Life is good.
Until a mermaid crawls into his ship’s exhaust port.
Now it’s not enough for Gene to avoid the mafia he’s in debt to, enforced by bio-engineered hulks. Everyone wants to know what this fantasy creature is doing on a dying planet. Corporations want to exploit her. Old friends want to capitalize on her fame. Gene has to choose between protecting her and keeping himself safe. And all she wants is to return home.”
Merm-8 will be sold for 20% off until Friday October 3rd to celebrate its release, so grab your copy sooner rather than later!

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If you’d like to know more about Merm-8 or Musa Publishing, contact Dianna Gunn at



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3 responses to “New Release: ‘MERM 8’ by Eric J. Juneau

  1. Sounds like a great read! Thanks for sharing, Carol!

  2. I hear this book is really great… wait, am I logged in? Aw, dammit-

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