Please Don’t Steal My Book

I was recently the victim of piracy myself so this blog resonated with me. I just had to repost it.


The first time I saw my book illegally downloaded on the Internet I wanted to cry – but not before punching in the face those six hundred-plus people who stole my book. Yes, stole. They didn’t pay for it so it’s stealing. I had a discussion today with my sister about this issue. She knows a person who sells pirated-DVD copies of movies – new movies – movies less than a week in the theater new. She makes six hundred dollars cash a week. That didn’t sit well with me.

I told my sister this person was making money off someone else’s hard work. A writer’s words. A director’s vision. An actor’s passion. A costume designer’s sore, over-pricked fingers.

“She’s s single mom,” my sister responded. “Maybe I’d do that too if I needed the money. Would you rather have me work as a stripper and give lap dances?”


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2 responses to “Please Don’t Steal My Book

  1. I don’t know whether anyone has stolen any of my books, and frankly I wouldn’t get steamed up about it if they had. People who steal don’t buy, so I wouldn’t have lost a sale. If someone stole the only copies of my books in existence, that would be tragic (for me) but they can’t.

  2. They don’t regard it as stealing though. They think they are entitled to get stuff for free. I wouldn’t assume these are people who wouldn’t buy your books; they just try to get it free first.

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