A Spirit Visitor

harry again

What have I been up to this week? Apart from working, very little. There was one thing that stood out, however, and it is worthy of relating. It was the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.

To be more accurate it was shortly after five a.m., but still dark. I had been lying awake in bed for a while, wrestling with that dilemma we all face on occasion: I really needed the bathroom but I didn’t want to leave my warm, comfortable bed.

I don’t know how long I lay there, pondering the problem, but suddenly I was no longer alone. Something climbed onto the bed. I felt the weight of this visitor as it leaned over me, trying to push a wet nose under the duvet. It was my dog, Harry. This knowledge engendered a number of conflicting emotions because Harry has been dead for over four months.

I was happy, astonished, a little scared. On one hand, I was glad I always sleep under the duvet so I couldn’t see anything – if there had been anything to see – but, on the other hand, I longed to reach out and touch my sorely missed and beloved companion.

Harry settled next to me as he always did when he was alive. I saw him clearly in my mind’s eye but all I could do was lie there, completely awestruck. Suddenly the weight lifted and he was gone.

I have to say this is the second time my sweet dog has been back to let me know he’s still around, but the first time it happened I was paralysed with fear and in a strange alternative reality, not sure if it was real or not. The second visitation, however, confirmed it. This time I was wide awake. It wasn’t a dream.

After Harry left, I got up and went to the bathroom. I didn’t go back to sleep at all, just lay in bed, thinking about what I had just experienced, until the alarm went off. I had been missing Harry all week. Wherever he is now he had picked up on it and dropped by to remind me that we can never lose anybody, not even an animal. They have merely moved to a new state of being and one day we’ll join them.

It takes a great deal of energy and effort for a spirit to manifest strongly enough to physically interact with our material world. So thank you, Harry, for this demonstration of love.


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14 responses to “A Spirit Visitor

  1. How wonderful that he came back to tell you he’s okay and is still with you. He must have loved you a lot to be so concerned with reassuring you.

  2. clarissajohal

    Aw, don’t be afraid, Carol. What a gift! He knew you had been missing him and wanted to say hello and tell you it was okay. Nice post 🙂

  3. I do hope he comes back again and that next time you will tell him you love him and that you are glad he is with you in spirit. He was a wonderful dog with a great soul and of course he lives on in spirit. What a wonderful experience and confirmation of all you (we) believe! Bless little Harry!

  4. How wonderful, cuz. It happened to me with a dog called Max where I dreamt about him and as I woke up I could still feel the weight of his beautiful big head in my hands. He had come to let me know that he was okay and happy and was with a young girl. I had had to have him put to sleep because he chased sheep and he was only five or six. If I close my eyes, that experience is as vivid now as if he had just been here and I can sense his presence.

    • It happened to me with my previous dog, Tim, who also jumped on the bed a week after he died, but it wasn’t as strong a presence as I had with Harry. Many people would think we are nuts talking about stuff like this, Paula, but we are the lucky ones.

  5. sloanetaylor1

    You’re a fortunate person to have these experiences. Treasure them.

  6. sharonledwith

    This has actually happened to me too, Carol. I’m so sorry for the loss of your furry companion. Cherish the time you had with Harry, and embrace those moments he peeks in on you to bring you comfort. Hugs!

    • I was in two minds about posting this, Sharon, but it seems to have resonated with a lot of people. More people seem to believe in this kind of thing than I realised. A few years ago I think I would have been ridiculed.

  7. Lovely story, Carol. Why is happened, whichever side the stregnth came from, there was a powerful lot of feeling there between you to make it happen.

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