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Blog Tour: Gateway to Elvendom Release

G2E Cover 2Musa Publishing is proud to release the second book in the Elwardain Chronicles, Gateway to Elvendom by Carol Browne.If you would like to participate in the tour from March 20-April 10, please fill out the form below. Please note that all interested reviewers will be given an electronic copy of the first book as well if they haven’t already read it.


Godwin is a changed man since his adventures in Elvendom, and now bereavement has darkened his world.

In another dimension, a new Elvendom is threatened by the ambitions of a monstrous enemy. Who – or what – is the Dark Lady of Bletchberm?

Godwin agrees to help Elgiva’s people. In a strange world of goblins, fairies, and time travel, will he succeed in his quest to remove the new threat to Elvendom, or will the Dark Lady destroy everything the Elwardain strove to preserve?

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5 responses to “Gateway to Elvendom Blog Tour

  1. Clearly, the form doesn’t work on here but it should be okay online. :/

  2. Kylie Betzner

    Is it too late to do this? I would love a version to read that would open on my kindle or pdf. I would be happy to leave a review.

  3. Thanks, Kylie. I’ll keep you posted.

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