Why You Should Read My Book

theexileofelindel-500You should read my book if you like epic fantasy. It will take you on a traditional hero’s journey, a quest in which the ancient landscape of Dark Age Britain provides the backdrop for an exciting adventure story.


You should read my book if you want to be entertained, to experience the enchantment of another world and escape the day-to-day routine of modern life.


You should read my book if you like elves and incantations, poetry and legends, swordplay and storytelling, animals and nature.wood

You should read my book if you want to meet characters you can care enough about to stay with to the very end.Grimalkin


You should read my book if you have a sense of humour, admire courage, and value friendship.



And if you believe in magic, you should definitely read my book!

bannerBUY IT HERE:

Amazon .com http://tinyurl.com/k79eoh7

Amazon UK http://tinyurl.com/n8msefk

Musa Publishing http://tinyurl.com/o5zk2ja

Barnes & Noble http://tinyurl.com/lo4ukvo


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6 responses to “Why You Should Read My Book

  1. I agree with everything you say here and I loved your book so can recommend it to anyone!

  2. Bless you, Pat. (You’d laugh if you saw the problems I had posting this tiny blog. Seem to be experiencing technical difficulties today, and how!)

  3. Nicely done ad. Hope you have a lot of readers of your blog so they will buy your book

  4. I’m reading your book now and I agree with every reason you state!

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