Not the End of the Line

If I had a trademark as a writer, it might be my frequent use of metaphors, similes and puns. I love them. Perhaps I use them too often but there’s something in me that enjoys wordplay in all its manifestations.

Take my writing career for example. I can liken it to a train that stood on the sidings for years, waiting for the points to change so it could join the main track. It started out as an old slowcoach, a basic steam-powered model with ideas above its station, but gradually it embraced modernity, became sleek and polished and powered by electricity. And so it caught the eye of Musa Publishing (of Iron Horse Trail, Colorado!) under whose management it was rolled out to join the rest of the network. It made steady progress, undergoing even more improvements to its fixtures and fittings.

Then Musa Publishing ceased operations, a signal event that acted like a derailment, and while my train is still in good shape, it has no track to run on anymore. I have been shunted back into the sidings until I can join the rolling stock of a new network.

This setback isn’t going to send me completely off the rails, however. Being part of Musa was a valuable period of training, and now I have an excellent track record and the confidence to hitch my wagon to a star. In fact, the recent train wreck galvanised me into action because not only did I contact two publishers regarding my fantasy trilogy The Elwardain Chronicles, but I also revised two novellas I had relegated to the back burner and they have also been submitted.

Revised Size Elf's LamentWhile waiting to get back on track, I was reminded not to overlook my little self-published anthology An Elf’s Lament Upon Leaving & Other Tales thanks to fellow author Pamela Winn who recently bought a copy and posted a wonderful review of it on Amazon:

As far as my train is concerned, it’s not full steam ahead yet, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


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12 responses to “Not the End of the Line

  1. It is good to hear that you are still on track as I have enjoyed my journey on this particular train so far and look forward to buying my ticket for the rest of the adventure…

  2. An Elf’s Lament Upon Leaving & Other Tales is a WONDERFUL book, Carol! Keep writing–your train is on a short layover 🙂

  3. Don’t give up Carol! You’re a fantastic writer. I won’t ever let you forget that!!! I know you’ll find a new publisher soon. 🙂

  4. Thank you, Alicia. Your words mean a great deal to me 🙂

  5. agnieszkacoutinho

    Im sure you will find a great publisher soon. It takes weeks or months until they contact but its all going to be worth it because you are a really GREAT writer! X

  6. Glad to hear you’re pulling yourself out of the wreckage 🙂 Just don’t sell yourself short and give your story to the first tiny publisher who agrees to republish. You can get yourself a GOOD publisher if you look for one. Best of luck, Carol. You deserve it.

  7. Yes, cover art is important. I’ll check them out lol.

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