Author Interview: Pamela Winn

Foretold Amazon CoverToday I have the pleasure of interviewing author Pamela Winn on my blog. Pamela hails from Montana and is a prolific writer. She also enjoys reading and reviewing the work of other authors.
So, Pamela, let’s get the interview started. I’ll begin by asking you when you first realised you wanted to be a writer.

I always loved to write and even as a child wrote short stories and poems, but I didn’t actually try to write a book and publish it until 2012. My first book Foretold was published in October 2014. Apparently I can’t stop. Book 25 will be out soon.

Wow, twenty-five books! I’m impressed. You are an extremely productive author and very creative too. They say creative people are born that way but they are also shaped by various outside influences. Were you influenced by any particular authors, alive or dead? Does music or some other medium inspire you to write what you do?

I am inspired by all authors. I think music is an inspiration to me and that is why I write poems also. My book Heartfelts besides having short stories contains poems and also a few of my drawings. I also love to draw and paint.

Like me, you write longhand. There are several reasons why I do this and I wondered what your reasons might be.

First of all I am so excited you write longhand too. People give me strange looks when I say that. I write longhand because the connection from brain to paper seems to be better. Also it is so handy for me to carry a notebook and pen with me everywhere. I suppose I could grab my laptop, but I just feel better with pen in hand, it is mightier than the sword.

Your work explores mystery, sci-fi, horror, and the supernatural. Have you considered branching out into other genres?

I do have a bit of romance in the stories and my newest book is a young adult/ adult book. I also have four paperback only books for preschool and early readers. I think teaching a child to love reading makes a world of difference in where they end up in this life.Parallel Adventures

I agree, Pamela. I believe my love of reading and writing started very early thanks to my mother getting me to read before I started school. I have loved reading ever since and it does stimulate your imagination. You need writing skills too, of course, and if someone asked you for one tip to improve their writing, what would it be?

Just keep doing it and I have to say write what you love. I write a lot of things straight out of dreams, so if you have an idea, go with it. Read your work out loud to someone and see what they think. There are so many different writing styles and people just have to write what feels right. It is really the readers who do a lot of the work! No two people will read a book and give out the same review. I believe it takes readers with great imaginations to finish the books I begin. I have been so lucky that way and almost all my reviews have been fantastic. I did get one bad review and people on my Facebook went to bat for me and left a lot of comments in my favour and against the reviewers. I am so thankful to my family, friends, on-line and off, and followers for their support.

What is the philosophy that underpins your work?

A life without chocolate is not a life! Just kidding. My philosophy is to live life to the fullest and make the most of what you have. Also pay back what you are given. So many people have helped me along my journeys, I hope I am paying them back by being there for them and giving any advice and help I can.

What advice would you give to aspiring, young writers who are seeking publication but don’t know where to start?

For me, I indie published. I have the patience of a gnat and didn’t want to send my books to someone and have to wait months for a reply. If they do need a publisher there are a lot of places on-line to check a company to see if they are reputable. No matter what, don’t fall for a company wanting you to pay them. They should be paying you and if you believe in your work and yourself, I feel that will happen.

It is said of writers, don’t make them angry or you might end up parodied or horribly slaughtered in their next novel. Have you taken revenge on anyone in this way?

Well… I may have a few characters in my book from the past that either I didn’t like or who made me mad. I think the bad guys in my novels are fashioned after those people.

Of all the characters you have created, do you have a favourite; and, if so, why? Lies_In_Shadows_Cover_for_Kindle

In my book Lies in Shadows the character is Lucretia. I love her because of the way she grows in the book. She was sheltered all her life, for some horrific reasons she finds out when a memory block crumbles. Along the way she grows from a person almost scared of their own shadow and a bit crazy into a strong woman. Also she solves her own mystery, which is a big accomplishment for someone who was so shy and backward at the beginning of the book.

Being an author does have its good points but writing is also a very time-consuming business, requiring concentrated effort, and then comes all the editing, rewriting, blogging, networking, interviews, etc. It can be relentless. How do you switch off? What helps you to recharge your batteries?

I don’t think I have an off switch. I began writing two and a half years ago and am working on book 26, while getting ready to publish 25. I also review books and just finished my 900th review. I didn’t start that until just over a year ago. But I have always loved books. I remember when my children were younger they would hide my books I was reading and then I knew I had to go have fun with my family. My family has a tendency to know when to pull me away from the books and just go have fun. I thank them for keeping me grounded.

What’s next for Pamela Winn? Is there a work in progress you’d like to tell us about?

I am waiting for the proof of Parallel Adventures for final editing. I have to hold the book in my hands for that! Like writing longhand, it is just what I do. In the novel, which I plan on making a series, teenage twins find a cave and a few special friends and learn they can travel to alternate worlds. The first book is an introduction to the characters and a couple of worlds and already I have a lot of secrets that will be exposed in the sequels. Which I hope to do many of in between the other books I am writing. While waiting for the mail, I have started yet another book which is a mystery/horror thriller with a bit of the supernatural. Never let it be said I am not always busy on something!

Thank you, Pamela, for a great interview. I always enjoy learning about other writers and how they do what they do. I wish you every success. And if readers would like to find Pamela, just look for P.S. Winn on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (Although on B & N the works are only available in Paperback.)


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2 responses to “Author Interview: Pamela Winn

  1. A very well thought-out interview Carol which showed Pamela Winn to be a woman after my own heart who reads, writes and draws! Seriously, I think I will have to read some of Pamela’s paperbacks as they sound very good. What a prolific writer: I am exhausted just reading about how much she has accomplished in such a short time. More power to your elbow Pamela and best wishes for your future as an author!

  2. Thanks, Pat. Pamela is extremely prolific and has an amazing imagination and she’s also very generous towards other writers with her reviews. I was very glad she agreed to be interviewed.

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