She Dreamed of Dragons – New Release for Elizabeth J.M. Walker

She Dreamed of Dragons coverHappy Release Day to Elizabeth J.M. Walker’s
Young Adult Fantasy Novel ~
She Dreamed of Dragons!!

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Could a dragon mage be the next ruler of the magical kingdom of Dorlith?


Title: She Dreamed of Dragons

Author Name: Elizabeth J.M. Walker

Genre(s): Young Adult, Fantasy

Length: Approx. 234 pages

Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9947490-6-2
Print ISBN: 978-0-9947490-5-5

Release Date: July 17, 2015

Publisher: Mirror World Publishing

This is a re-release tour. Book previously published through a different publishing company.


About She Dreamed of Dragons:

Trina is a fifteen-year-old dragon mage in a kingdom ruled by witches and wizards – the same people who have brought dragons and other magical creatures near extinction. Trina can barely control her fire powers and is desperate for an apprenticeship, but finding a fellow dragon mage to be her teacher is proving more difficult than coming across an actual dragon.

Then there’s the Royal Tourney – a competition presented by the Queen to find a successor to the throne. Trina heads to the competition in the hopes of sparking some interest in the mage society and earning herself an apprenticeship.

She never intended to be a frontrunner in the competition.

She never meant to catch the attention of the evil witch trying to take over the throne.

She never expected to fall for a wizard.

Now Trina must face tough decisions about who she is and who she could become. Trina must ask herself: Can she really win the Royal Tourney?


Read an Excerpt:
The trio headed over to Knox House so Trina could pack her things. Oriella sat on her own bed as Eddy took a seat on Trina’s bed next to the suitcase she was packing.
“I can’t believe we’re not going to be roommates,” Oriella said sadly.
“I can’t believe we’re going to be bunking with a bunch of witches and wizards,” Eddy said. “They give me the heebie-jeebies and the creepy-crawlies, not to mention the ookie-spookies. Those are the worst.”
“They’re just humans with different ways of using magic than us,” Trina reminded him for what felt like the umpteenth time.
“If anything, mages are the freakier of the two,” Oriella pointed out as she tucked a strand of hair behind one of her pointed ears.
Eddy snorted in disbelief.
“What?” Oriella asked. “Trina has the power of a dragon in her, and you’re worried about people who mix ingredients in a pot to cast a spell?”
“They also fly on broomsticks,” Eddy pointed out. “And all of them have pet cats. There’s something strange going on with that.”

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Meet the Author:Elizabeth JM Walker

Elizabeth J. M. Walker lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She has always loved books and writing. As a teen she discovered zines, which inspired her to publish her own litzine of odd fairy tales for over a decade.

She Dreamed of Dragons is her first novel.

Connect with her on her website:

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  1. elizabethjmw

    Thanks for being part of the tour Carol!

  2. You’re welcome, Elizabeth. Good luck with the re-release! 🙂

  3. sharonledwith

    Cheers and best wishes for a bestseller, Elizabeth!

  4. elizabethjmw

    Thanks Sharon!

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