The Exile of Elindel—under New Management

ElfArtwork © Christianna Cassisa

My sword-and-sorcery novel The Exile of Elindel has existed in a number of incarnations over the years since its inception in 1977. Back then it was a massive typewritten manuscript of about 600 pages. Along with its creator, it survived eight house moves, during which time it spent decades shut away in suitcases, drawers, cardboard boxes and attics. Every couple of years or so it would be dragged out and reworked. A few chapters and a synopsis would wing their way to a publisher and return with the inevitable rejection slip.

In 2007, having mastered basic computing, I decided to try self-publishing. I pruned the manuscript down to a mere 178,000 words and had it published by a print-on-demand company under the title of The Lorestone. Some of the sixty or so people who bought it actually liked it, flawed though it was, but to me it had been a costly mistake. At least one of those early fans liked it enough to become my beta reader and it was she who encouraged me to write a sequel. A second book led to a third and so the trilogy The Elwardain Chronicles came into being.

In 2013 the manuscript was submitted to Musa Publishing and, much to my astonishment, was accepted for publication. It was pruned and reshaped by a wonderful editor and at a mere 127, 000 words was published as an eBook on the 18th April, 2014. But life is full of ups and downs and so it was that at the end of February, 2015, Musa Publishing ceased operations and my novel was once more in the wilderness.

I’m delighted, therefore, to announce that it has been accepted for publication by Burning Willow Press ( ). It will have another incarnation; another chance to shine. The contract has been signed—a wonderful way to start the new year—and I expect to be working with my new editor soon. Watch this blog space for further developments.

Meanwhile, if any of you authors out there are looking for a publisher (fantasy, sci-fi or horror), Burning Willow Press are open for submissions. You can also like them on Facebook:  and follow them on Twitter:  @Burning_Willow .


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12 responses to “The Exile of Elindel—under New Management

  1. Pat

    I still love and read your original “Lorestone” and enjoy the sequels immensely as you know. I am sure its new incarnation will be no less appealing and I wish you every success with it and its follow-ups. You have a wonderful imagination and your writing is flawless in my opinion!

  2. Jane

    Your hard work and perseverance have paid off. I am so glad the world and its readers will once more get the opportunity to read your wonderful book (and sequels). Xx

  3. Congratulations Carol! I loved this novel so much and sincerely hope you’ll come back to my blog for an interview when it’s published again.

  4. sharonledwith

    So happy you’ve finally found a home for your EPIC novel! Congrats and cheers, Carol! Best wishes for a Bestseller!

  5. Great news Carol! Hope everything goes swimmingly.

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