No Author Is an Island

My blog today is for the benefit of my followers. If you’re following me, I think it’s only right that I reciprocate, so feel free to put the links to your blog, Twitter and Facebook pages in the comments section below. Remember, we don’t just exist as separate entities, trying to succeed in a very difficult and uncertain industry, we’re also part of a community of writers, so sharing each other’s links on social media isn’t merely altruistic, it’s also good networking. No author is an island; we are stronger together.

Before you do that, some of you might not know what kind of books I have out there, so allow me to bring you up to date! 😊

The Exile of Elindel – Elwardain Chronicles I

Elgiva, a young elf banished from Elvendom, must seek shelter among the Saxons as her only hope of surviving the coming winter.
Godwin, a Briton enslaved by the Saxons, is a man ignorant of his own inheritance and the secret of power he possesses.
A mysterious enemy, who will stop at nothing to wield absolute power over Elvendom, is about to make his move.
When destiny throws Elgiva and Godwin together, they embark upon the quest for the legendary Lorestone, the only thing that can save Elvendom from the evil that threatens to destroy it.
There is help to be found along the way from a petulant pony and a timid elf boy but, as the strength of their adversary grows, can Elgiva’s friends help her to find the Lorestone before it falls into the wrong hands?

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Being Krystyna-A Story of Survival in WWII

ac248-nov2bcarol2bbrowne2bcoverIn 2012 when young Polish immigrant Agnieszka visits fellow countrywoman Krystyna in a Peterborough care home for the first time, she thinks it a simple act of kindness. However, the meeting proves to be the beginning of a life-changing experience.

Krystyna’s stories about the past are not memories of the good old days but recollections of war-ravaged Europe: The Warsaw Ghetto, Pawiak Prison, Ravensbrück Concentration Camp, and a death march to freedom.

The losses and ordeals Krystyna suffered and what she had to do to survive are horrors Agnieszka must confront when she volunteers to be Krystyna’s biographer.

Will Agnieszka be able to keep her promise to tell her story, and, in this harrowing memoir of survival, what is the message for us today?

(Published by )

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An Elf’s Lament upon Leaving & Other Tales

An anthology of poems and short stories

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I also contributed to the following cookery eBooks, which are free to download on smashwords:

The ACBDs of Cooking with Writers</abcds of cooking

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Sweets & Treats for Someone SpecialSweets &amp; Treats for Someone AUTHORS Copy

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You can also follow me on social media:

Okay, guys, let’s see those links!


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13 responses to “No Author Is an Island

  1. sharonledwith

    Yo, Carol! I’m a YA author who has two book series on the go: A time travel adventure series and a teen psychic mystery series. Followers can connect with me through my blog and website:
    Thanks for inviting us to share our wares!

  2. annemontgomeryauthor2013

    Hola, Carol. How nice of you to ask.

  3. Hi Carol, This is a great idea! I was already following you and I think you may already be following me, but here it is…

  4. I’m following you now, Leigh! 🙂

  5. Hi Carol, and thanks for supporting fellow writers.

    My fifth Thomas Bladen spy thriller was recently published and deals with the aftermath of a coordinated terror attack in London. Here’s where my books live:

  6. vonniehughes

    Thanks. Mine are and

  7. Thanks, Vonnie. I am following your blog and facebook page 🙂 (Already was actually lol)

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