Cover Reveal – Gateway to Elvendom (The Elwardain Chronicles II) by Carol Browne

Gateway to Elvendom front (1)

A new Elvendom. A new menace.

I’m delighted to announce that Gateway to Elvendom, Book II of The Elwardain Chronicles, will be released by Burning Willow Press on 10th November, 2018. I have waited years to get this book published and my thanks go to all those at Burning Willow Press who helped make it happen. The cover art was designed by Shannon Perrine and it makes me smile every time I look at it because of the expression on the goblin’s face. Perfect!

Those of you reading this who have read and – hopefully – enjoyed Book I The Exile of Elindel are no doubt as pleased as I am that the adventure continues.


His adventures in Elvendom left Godwin a changed man, and now bereavement has darkened his world.

In another dimension, a new Elvendom is threatened by the ambitions of a monstrous enemy. Who—or what—is the Dark Lady of Bletchberm?

And what has become of Elgiva?

Reeling from the loss of their Elwardain, the elves ask Godwin for help. Transported into a strange world of time travel and outlandish creatures, will he succeed in his quest against impossible odds, or will the Dark Lady destroy everything the Elwardain fought to preserve?

Gateway to Elvendom finished art wrap1-page-001

Buy Links for Book I, The Exile of Elindel:
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14 responses to “Cover Reveal – Gateway to Elvendom (The Elwardain Chronicles II) by Carol Browne

  1. Love the cover and the blurb! Exciting!

  2. sharonledwith

    That goblin does look a tad mischievous, Carol! Love it! All the best with your upcoming release! Cheers!

  3. I am so excited for you – and for me too, I’ve been waiting for this book for years 😉

  4. HL Carpenter

    Looking forward to reading this one, Carol. Perfect cover!

  5. This sounds fabulous!! Love your cover and congratulations 🙂

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