Happy New Year


When it comes to seeing in the new year and summing up the old one, I’m lagging behind the rest of my author pals. I had to work at one of my day jobs over the festive period and have been battling a virus for ten days so my heart hasn’t been in it.

I’m feeling brighter today and, while I always wish I’d done more with each year that passes, if I am honest 2018 did see a certain level of achievement that should spur me on to greater things in 2019.

In my capacity as The Wordsmith I gained some interesting new clients and proofread and edited diverse pieces of text, among them a dissertation on ICU patient care for a nurse and a horror story for a budding author. I did a number of CVs and covering letters and was also asked to write two poems to help in the marketing of a kitchen appliance!

While the business of keeping a roof over my head took up most of my time and energy, I still had some small success as a published author. My non-fiction novella Being Krystyna-A Story of Survival in WWII received many superb reviews on Amazon and was also featured in a talk given at the Houses of Parliament by a professor of human migration.c33eb-cover_processed

In November, Gateway to Elvendom, book two of my fantasy trilogy The Elwardain Chronicles, was published by Burning Willow Press and in December their charity anthology Crossroads in the Dark IV featured my short story Ghosts in the Machine.

On a personal level, I joined the Labour Party and committed myself to the socialist cause and to the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, who I hope will be the next UK Prime Minister.Gateway to Elvendom finished art wrap1-page-001

One of the best things I did in 2018 was to join the writing community on Twitter. It’s not just an opportunity to gain more followers but to engage with like-minded people and to share tips and information that will benefit all of us involved in the writing and publishing industry.

I finally got myself a smartphone in 2018 so I have a camera at long last, and I made my first video which was shown at a book launch party on Facebook.

While I’m sure I must have done more than all that in 2018—it seemed more like a century than a year while I was going through it—I hope I can be much more productive in 2019. I do have another book coming out; book three of my trilogy, which is entitled Wyrd’s End. I’ll be working with my editor on that sometime soon. I’ve been working on both a prequel and book four but I don’t expect either to see the light of day this year! I have another short story in the Burning Willow Press charity anthology which will be out in December. And there are a couple of books already written I need to find homes for.critd iv

Plans for 2019 so far include a local book signing in January and attendance at the Deepings Literary Festival in April. I think it’s time I joined Instagram too. Oldies like me have to take their time with new technology but we get there in the end.

I never make new year resolutions as a rule but having interacted with so many writers recently and realised what a self-doubting, introverted, self-deprecating bunch we are, I think it’s time to stop with the self-criticism and fear of rejection and start appreciating and valuing myself and my abilities. I don’t have to be perfect. It’s okay to ask daft questions and make mistakes. My opinion is as good as anyone else’s. And so is my writing!

Happy 2019, everyone!

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8 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. patlongmuir

    Thank goodness you have at last realised your worth and are being more assertive and less self-critical! You deserve all the success you have achieved in 2018 and that you will, I have no doubt, achieve in 2019. I, for one, cannot wait to read more of your work.

  2. sharonledwith

    Wow, you’re gonna be a busy gal, Carol! Never put yourself down – you are worthy of so much, you are limitless! All the best in 2019, my friend! Hugs!

  3. Jane

    What an amazing year you had, Carol. You have kept going through thick and thin, and your achievements are so well deserved. You are a truly gifted author, and a brilliant proofreader and editor. I know your 2019 is going to be filled with even greater success, and I can’t wait to read yet more of your books and stories.

  4. You deserve the very best my friend! Looking forward to sharing 2019 with you. 🙂

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