Cover Reveal: The Lighthouse by Clarissa Johal


The Lighthouse JPG Cover

Sent to cover the haunting of Pelican Rock lighthouse, Riley Murdock vows to write a historical piece instead. Ghosts aren’t real. And she wouldn’t ruin her reputation as a serious journalist by writing the contrary. Photojournalist Dillon Page is much too involved in the paranormal to her liking. Gullible and carefree, he’s happy to treat their assignment like a ghost-filled vacation. But Riley will discover there’s more to Pelican Rock than either expected.

Dropped off by boat, the two gather as much information as possible. But when night falls, the mood in the dilapidated lighthouse shifts. Unexplained sounds, fleeting shadows, and icy breezes keep them both awake. And when Dillon starts acting strangely, Riley fears something is going on that she can’t explain.

From the author who brought you bestsellers Poppy, The Island, and Struck, comes a haunting tale that will keep you awake long past lights out.

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3 responses to “Cover Reveal: The Lighthouse by Clarissa Johal

  1. Thank you for hosting me in your blog!

  2. sharonledwith

    Nice cover, Clarissa! I remember you posting on Facebook about visiting Lighthouses for your research. Well done, and all the best!

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