Maxwell Demon – New Release for Author L Bachman.

small3dmaxbookComing soon is the re-release of a book I was very pleased to be able to read and review when it was first published. This time Maxwell Demon by talented author L Bachman is in the capable hands of Three Furies Press and is set for publication on 21st May, 2020

There’s a Dantean flavour to this novel with its angels, demons and monsters, and the strange many-layered realms they inhabit. The author has created a classical setting for her characters and the colourful imagery and natural dialogue add to the realism of the narrative. The reader can fully sympathise with the struggles of the main characters and no struggle is more anguished than that of fallen angel Maxwell who has loved Lilith for a thousand years and must now save her soul from utter damnation. This is powerful stuff and the author must be congratulated for the fluency and sophistication of her writing.

Here is an excerpt to whet your appetite!

Maxwell was The Watcher over knowledge, writing, education, and magic. His words were final and never failed him. With his sacred words, the abilities he’d lost due to the unique punishment he had been given were returned. Every angel that had fallen had been given a unique punishment fitting for the individual, but all had been given punishments like their wings damaged by hellfire. It didn’t matter if he didn’t have wings. He had a word scrawled on his back that helped him move swiftly. Other drawings portrayed scenes from all the centuries he’d witnessed. Some depicted the gates of Heaven; some represented the scenes from Hell. He was a tapestry devoted to mankind’s history and beyond. Reminders, devotions, and aids, every mark in his body gave him a sense of being more than a fallen angel turned demon.

The black ink drilled with thousands of punctures revealed her name… Adele Manning. Then it slowly morphed, like ink dripped into a pail of water, into a compass. The hand of the compass turned quickly, then slowed, revealing he had to go west to find her. He had waited so long and, through the guidance of another scribbling upon his flesh, he now knew which way to go.

The stick dropped from his hand and he moved, pushing at things recklessly until he found another bag at the bottom of his closet and began pulling out clothes, stuffing others in, trying to figure out what he would need for the trip. He pushed blue jeans, boots, and t-shirts into the bag, along with a pen and tattered old notebook he’d been writing in for the better part of the twentieth century. Tossing his bag over his shoulder, he headed out. He had no clue where exactly he was going, but he knew she was in danger

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