Introducing Next in Line – by Donna Marie West

next in lineHow far would you go to keep the world’s most explosive secret?

Released on 6th September, 2020, Next in Line is Canadian author Donna Marie West’s first novel.

Alison Mitchell is a young American woman trying desperately to get her life back on track after the devastating death of her mother less than two years ago. She thinks she just might be taking her first steps in the right direction, when she meets Joseph de Lorraine. Joseph is the classic mysterious stranger with what might prove to be the most explosive secret in the world: he claims to be the legitimate heir to the sacred bloodline of Jesus Christ and his family has evidence to prove it!Joseph has come to the U.S. from France to study at Yale University, but when circumstances conspire against him, his path crosses Alison’s in the most unexpected way, resulting in near disaster for both of them. As Alison and Joseph grow closer and learn to trust each other, they realize that the choices they make will affect not only their own lives and families, but possibly the future of the entire world.

Author Bio
Donna Marie West is an educator, translator, author, and freelance editor. She has published over 400 drabbles, short stories, poems, and non-fiction articles in a wide variety of Canadian and American magazines, web sites, and anthologies. She loves the unusual and unexplained, and often finds ways to weave these themes into her stories. Among other things, she has always been fascinated by the history of the Knights Templar, and this interest inspired her first novel, Next in Line, freshly released in September, 2020. She spends her precious free time reading, writing, and doing research for her current projects, including the sequel to Next in Line. She lives in Québec, Canada, with her long-time partner and two beloved kitties.

Donna 2015

You can follow Donna on her Amazon author page:  or her public Facebook page under her name.

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5 responses to “Introducing Next in Line – by Donna Marie West

  1. sharonledwith

    Congrats, Donna! Sounds like a DaVinci Code kind of thing. Love the Knights Templars too! All the best with your debut book and wishing you many sales! Cheers!

  2. Linda Lee Greene

    This sounds like an intriguing read. Best of luck with it.

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